Sparta Analytics
Data analysis

Analyst team every day prepares necessary reports on the performance of dozens of loyalty programs of our clients. Data is presented in a modern, readable form available online as dashboards or as a set of indicators in PDF format. The analysis is the result of several years of work with various data in many market sectors based on best practices from around the world.

Analyzes online

The knowledge and speed of drawing conclusions about the effectiveness of the loyalty program is a decisive element of competitive advantage. With this awareness, we deliver immediate results of our actions.

Indicators and KPIs

As part of our analytical services, we customize our industry-specific indicators, starting with the Customer Value Index and ending with Key Performance Indicators.

Customer segmentation

We model behavior of consumers in developed segments with constantly changing market conditions. Thus, we increase the effectiveness of our pro-commercial activities.

Performance analysis

We recommend the most effective forms of promotional activities. By analyzing millions of transactions, we effectively draw conclusions from the developed indicators, with particular emphasis on measuring customer loyalty and their impact on sales performance.

Profitability analysis

We allow our clients to earn more. Business intelligence is designed to increase the efficiency of your business and thus get the fastest return on your investment.

Predictive analysis

We have the tools to analyze the collected data and draw conclusions for the future. In order to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities conducted on the basis of skillful data readings, we provide current recommendations to customers.