Sparta Consulting Services

Business concept creation thanks to cooperation with the Client. Analysis of current program or marketing situation, loyalty processes definition with description of ideas and perspectives for program development. Additionally we can support on-going evaluation of the program and verification of its basic assumptions.

Current situation analysis

Even without loyalty program, companies already run different marketing actions and promotions for heir customers. Thanks to analysis of it and current market position we will build strong fundaments for program implementation.

Customized concept

Each of business models is different. Thanks to our experience in various business environments we will prepare program model and creation customized for your target group.

Processes analysis

Loyalty program is combined with various processes like registration or communication. During concept creation we will map all of them and try to optimize and reinforce to run effective program.

Business case

Loyalty program is a profitable project. Thanks to ROI analysis, you will know what and when your loyalty program will bring the benefits.

On-going support

If you do not have resources or want to outsource your loyalty program for running by specialists, we can help you with all processes management within the program.

Program audit

Loyalty program has to be in constant development. By controlling and monitoring of the project we can improve it to meet constantly changing customer’s requirements.