Sparta Gift Cards

Tool for running gift cards program or fleet. Definition of card types (value, limits, conditions) in back office module, and next handling all processes relating with payments in locations and e-commerce. The Solution is based not only on IT, but also legal and operational practices.

New customer

Customer who was given a gift card is a new client who will discover brand, products, services or a current client who will purchase more.

Sale growth

It is natural way to gain new visits at sites. In case of new customer this is cyclic growth.

Bigger basket value

According to reports, customer who is paying by gift card, spends two times more than the value on the card.

Cash freeze in the company

In case of product return you can top-up giftcards instead of cash return. It is guaranteed, that money still stay in the company cause customer will spend it on another purchase.

Financial rate improvement

You gain a new sale instrument, which find new way to reach the customer and increase your incomes.


In case where customer did not spend all giftcard value, money would never be used. After card expiration, unused money your company will be able to book as a profit.

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