Sparta Loyalty Platform

Comprehensive marketing platform, capable of handling all complex components of loyalty program (points, discounts, coupons, cash-back, gamification). Our platform design was inspired by our customers’ needs and market trends. This process never ends. Every year we invest in platform enhancements not to follow market trends but to set them up. That’s a recipe for long term success of even most complex loyalty strategies. A combination of state of the are platform and many years of experience in designing and building loyalty programs guarantees best results and smooth program implementation.

Program management

Easy to understand and use user interface, designed for marketing users to give them full control of all loyalty program components. Endless possibilities just one click away!

Transaction processing

Fast and scalable rules engine lets you grow and grows with you. Regardless if your member purchase a product, clicks on your website or interacts with your business in any other way, rules engine registers all activities and reacts accordingly.

Benefit management

Points, miles, discount, upgrade, coupon, gift card or anything else what can make your customer appreciated is a deciding factor in your program success. We have it all!

Sale growth

Additional value for members for more frequent or bigger purchases implies 30% growth of basket value.

Marketing database

Thanks to combination of the transactions history and lifestyle data, program operator can design more relevant and personalized offers for customers.

Marketing communication

Loyalty program give additional opportunities to communicate with members and program intelligence helps to keep the communication more effective.

Building relations

You can build relationship with the client thanks to new emotions delivery considering new benefits and challenges.

Processes optimization

Loyalty program has an impact on all company’s departments (sale, marketing, customer service or merchandising). By customer centric program strategy, you can control all areas.

Customer engagement

In current competitive market it’s not easy to keep customer engaged. It’s way we implemented multiple ways to engage all and any member – gamification, lotteries, coupon, contests, surveys, social media and many more.