Sparta Loyalty Platform

Comprehensive marketing platform, available to handle all complex mechanism in loyalty program (points, discounts, coupons, cash-back, gamification). System was based on best practices from global implementations taken from our employee’s experience. Moreover, knowledge that we offer, can help to avoid wrong decision in business concept, which sometimes occurs during program creation or presenting new functionalities and changes.

Sale growth

Additional value for members for more frequent or bigger purchases implies 30% growth of basket valu

Marketing database

Due to combination of history of the transactions and lifestyle data, program operator can direct more targeted and precise offers for customers.

Marketing communication

Loyalty program is a good excuse for more frequent communication with your customer with more personalized way, reaching him with various channels.

Building relations

You can build relationship with the client thanks to new emotions delivery with new benefits and challenges.

Processes optimization

Loyalty program has an impact on all company’s departments (sale, marketing, customer service or merchandising). By customer centric program strategy, you can control all areas.

New marketing incentives

Loyalty program is just a start for new marketing opportunities of interaction with the customers. You can add to the basic mechanics new actions like gamification, lotteries, contest etc.