A few words about the client

Dream is a new quality in the retail sector. The new brand is inextricably linked to Apple, a leading manufacturer of personal computers, smartphones and similar consumer electronics.

Main benefits of the program

A loyalty programme that allows you to build a community around your club through emotional benefits. The strengths of the programme are the extensive database (personal and transactional data), personalised communication (e-mail, SMS, POS, mobile application), detailed reporting on the processes supported by the programme. Innovative customer identification through a loyalty card in the form of an Apple Pass in Apple Wallet.

Gift cards as an exclusive gift for loved ones sold and used in shops.

Rules of the program

A loyalty programme in which the participant collects points and exchanges them for discounts. iDream Premium Club is a bonus programme for Apple fans and iDream brand customers, in which each participant receives real benefits for purchases made, trainings completed, as well as for active participation in the programme.

Project details

  • Client: iDream
  • Project: iDream Premium Club, iDREAM Gift Cards
  • Scope: 12 locations
  • Products: Sparta Loyalty Platform, Sparta Gift Cards, Sparta Consulting Services
  • WWW: see web page


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