A few words about the client

More than 190 shops are present in several dozen cities across the country. The average sales area is between 200 - 2500 m2, and the assortment reaches 15,000 items. The company provides a wide range of high-quality products.

Main benefits of the program

A program database (personal and transactional data), personalized communication (program website, e-mail, POS, extensive mobile application supporting e-vouchers), detailed process reporting and analysis of consumer data, and program settlement in the franchise model.

Rules of the program

When shopping in the program, the participant collects points, which can be exchanged into discount coupons or vouchers of value to be used later for shopping in the Spar chain of markets.

Project details

  • Client: Spar
  • Project: NAJwięcej
  • Scope: 190 locations
  • Products: Sparta Loyalty Platform, Sparta Mobile Application
  • WWW: see web page


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