A few words about the client

Szachownica is a nationwide network of clothing stores. Szachownica stores are located in the most popular shopping malls and arcades throughout Poland.

Main benefits of the program

Extensive program database (personal and transaction data), personalized communication (program website, e-mail, SMS), detailed process reporting, product category promotion management, apparel network customer lifecycle management. The program in the omnichannel model – working in both physical and online stores.

Rules of the program

Szachomat loyalty program, different promotions for selected product groups are offered each week. For purchases, the participant receives a virtual currency, which they can spend on subsequent purchases.

Project details

  • Client: Szachownica
  • Project: Szachomat
  • Scope: 75 locations
  • Products: Sparta Loyalty Platform, Sparta Gift Cards, Sparta Consulting Services
  • WWW: see web page


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