Sparta Loyalty Platform

It is a comprehensive marketing platform that enables operating any loyalty program system (points, discounts, coupons, gamification, cash-back).

The system has been created on the basis of many years of experience. In addition, the knowledge we offer can help you avoid many costly conceptual errors that often occur during the creation of a loyalty program.

Sparta Loyalty Platform is a comprehensive marketing platform that:

  • Was created on the basis of many years of experience.
  • Enables operating any loyalty program system (points, discounts, coupons, gamification, cash-back).
  • Influences process optimization – thanks to the centralized program strategy you can control such areas of your company as sales, marketing or customer service.
  • Creates a detailed personal customer database and provides transactional information which gives a wide range of promotional opportunities.
  • Effectively activates customers who feel distinguished thanks to a loyalty card and are more willing to use certain services or make a purchase.
  • Ensures building relationships with the customer and communicating with them in a personalized way, allowing to gain their loyalty.
  • Is a guarantee that the program participant's basket increases by up to 30%.

Do I need a loyalty program?

If you're still wondering if implementing a loyalty program in your industry would be a good idea, we ensure you that IT WOULD! Our loyalty system, which we created with passion and full commitment, gives our customers a huge range of possibilities.

Perfectly constructed and refined in detail, is an ideal tool that allows you to create bonds with your customers, but also brings measurable benefits to your business. Loyalty cards open up completely new areas of company activity. Through a cleverly designed platform, you can comfortably and efficiently operate various kinds of loyalty systems and modify them to meet your own requirements. Each option, such as a regular customer card, can become a milestone in the development of your company.

Proven growth in sales

Based on our experience, we guarantee that the Sparta Loyalty Platform loyalty program system contributes significantly to the significant increase in your sales, gives you the opportunity to create and analyze your customer base, and additionally increases the number of effective promotional measures. Our product is a great base for development and customer loyalty programs are a way to make your business even more efficient.

Loyalty cards for your customers

By offering loyalty cards to your customers, you are opening up to create a bond between us and your brand. The loyalty card holder feels appreciated and distinguished and it lets you motivate your loyal customer to make further purchases. Following the spirit of technological progress, we offer you both physical loyalty cards and dedicated applications for mobile devices.

We build the customer loyalty

It is also important that we give you a perfect option to build your customer loyalty. We offer a system through which you have the opportunity to evoke emotions in your customers, provide them with positive associations and experiences, create the image of your own brand in the consciousness of loyal customers and engage them to interact with your company. With a well-fitting program, you can gain customer loyalty for a long time!

Don't wait and get loyal customers

Take the first step and trust us, leave the complete implementation of the loyalty platform in our hands and the refinement of solutions in every detail. We treat each of our customers and their needs on an individual basis, and we tailor our loyalty program solutions perfectly to the scale of our customers' activities, both in local and international markets. Loyalty programs will open up new perspectives for you to win over your customers.

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