Sparta Gift Card

It is a modern and functional system for handling gift cards in both stationary and online shops.

The system allows you to build advanced gift card programs tailored to individual customer needs. Thanks to Sparta Gift Cards it is very easy to operate gift cards, modify their offer and adjust it to the needs of the customers.

Sparta Gift Card is a gift card that enables you to:

  • Gain new customers
  • Build a long-term customer relations
  • Achieve an increase in sales
  • Keep the cash in the company
  • Improve financial indicators
  • Know your shopping preferences
  • Attract customers to the stationary and online store

Build customer loyalty by increasing profits

Gift cards are an excellent tool for marketing communication and a great way to promote your brand among regular customers and attract new ones. By giving the customer the opportunity to purchase a gift card, you contribute to the attractiveness of your brand and measurable financial benefits. Considering the fact that today's company's success is based, among other things, on customer loyalty and their attachment to our brand, it is also a perfect tool for creating a loyal customer community.

A simple system for gift cards

Our Sparta Gift Cards system allows for intuitive management of gift cards, which translates into efficient service of each customer by the sales consultant, and this in turn leads to their satisfaction. An advantage of our product is that gift cards work in both stationary and online shops.

Increase the volume of your customer' purchases

The undoubted advantages of the Sparta Gift Cards system are visible benefits for your company. First of all, people who make purchases with a gift card buy much more than those who do not have it. A gift card motivates the customers to get to know your brand first and at the same time encourages you to increase your shopping basket.

Hand in your gift card as part of your return for the goods

Another advantage of the gift card is that it can be given to the customer as a return for the goods. By doing so, we encourage our customers to visit and shop in our shop again. That way, the cash is kept in your company. In addition, if the gift card holder does not use all the money available on it in time, then the money stays with the company. Funds on expired gift cards simply become pure revenue for your company.

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